Professional Team

Our staff of highly qualified professionals includes experienced Registered Civil Engineers and Licensed Land Surveyors.

Operation & Maintenance

We specialize in the planning, design, surveying and mapping of public works infrastructure, transportation, water resources, commercial, industrial, and institutional projects.

Project Control

We are a professional civil engineering and land surveying company located in El Paso, TX, dedicated to environmentally friendly and sustainable urban development.


Brock & Bustillos Inc. provides professional engineering, surveying, design, and construction services for public and private clients in West-Texas, Arizona, and Southern New Mexico.

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  • “We have built our engineering and surveying practice upon hard work, fairness and quality. Using the latest cutting edge technology, we have created a civil design and surveying firm that will give our Clients the productivity and design standards they desire. Our engineers and surveyors will work with you to create your project. The plans will be designed to meet your particular needs and specifications. From design to planning and management, we are committed to accurate, prompt, courteous and professional service.”

    Brock & Bustillos, Consulting Engineers & Land Surveyors